Here are some links to other helpful resources for your use both during and outside of the tax season.

Here is a list of forms I offer for download:

  • Tax Documents – a list of tax documents to help you prepare for your appointment.
  • Taxpayer Questionnaire– a questionnaire for first-time clients to help provide information vital to the preparation of your tax return (great for changes to existing clients as well).  See link to right for online version.
  • Schedule C Spreadsheet – an Excel workbook for clients that own their own business.   Enter your data in this spreadsheet and upload it.  Has detailed instructions and tabs for auto and home office. (See Tax Preparation -> Business Returns for additional spreadsheets for other business types.)
  • Rental Property Tax Return Spreadsheet – an Excel worksheet for providing details on rental income and expenses.
  • Schedule D Import Worksheet – an Excel worksheet for entering stock transactions that can be imported directly into the Drake tax preparation software.  Make sure you fill out Columns A, C, F, G, H, I, K, and L.
  • Coupon – a coupon for new clients to print for their first appointment or for existing clients to use to refer a friend.
  • Budget Assistance Profile – a planning profile that gathers information needed for your budgeting assistance appointment.