Here are some links to other helpful resources for your use both during and outside of the tax season.

Here is a list of forms I offer for download:

  • Tax Documents – a list of tax documents to help you prepare for your appointment.
  • Taxpayer Questionnaire– a questionnaire for first-time clients to help provide information vital to the preparation of your tax return (great for changes to existing clients as well).  See link to right for online version.
  • Self-Employed Questionnaire – a questionnaire for clients that own their own business.
  • Tastefully Simple Questionnaire – a questionnaire tailored for clients that run their own Tastefully Simple business.
  • Schedule D Import Worksheet – an Excel worksheet for entering stock transactions that can be imported directly into the Drake tax preparation software.
  • Coupon – a coupon for new clients to print for their first appointment or for existing clients to use to refer a friend.
  • Budget Assistance Profile – a planning profile that gathers information needed for your budgeting assistance appointment.
  • Consent to Use Of Tax Return Information – must be completed if you wish to be reviewed for eligibility of bank products during tax preparation.
  • Consent to Disclosure Of Tax Return Information – must be completed if you are eligible for bank products and wish to apply.
  • Terms of Engagement Letter – all clients and potential clients should review these terms of engaging in services with April’s Tax Service, Inc., sign, and turn it in before preparation each year.