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Authorized IRS e-file Provider
Preparing taxes yourself can be confusing. Even if you’ve done them for years, once you add new pieces to your life such as a spouse, child, home, etc., you can find yourself with more questions than you can handle. April has a passion for helping people and doing taxes, so don’t worry…leave it all to her! However, if you still would like to prepare them yourself, you can do so online by clicking here External Link!


  • Appointments: April likes to meet her clients so the first year, she prefers that you make an appointment and sit down with her to have your taxes prepared. However, one of the services she offers is that in future years, you do not need to make an appointment. Life can be busy so you can mail, fax, e-mail, drop-off, or secure upload your tax documents and April will prepare them, e-file, and get them back to you. Repeat clients are asked to reserve appointment times for new clients whenever possible. You can make a brief consultation appointment for drop-off if your circumstances have changed, but your taxes will not be prepared while you wait unless you pay a premium. Set an appointment now External Link.
  • Your Copies: April scans and stores all of the original tax documents that you bring her to prepare your taxes. The first reason this is done is so that in the event you call with questions, she knows where she got the numbers. The second reason is that she provides a free copy service. You can contact April at any time to provide you with a physical, fax, or electronic copy of any document she has of yours free of charge. All originals are always returned to you.In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, starting in 2009 April prepares your copies of your tax return and all original tax information documents in electronic format (.pdf) and saves it to a CD for your records. If you would like to have the tax return printed and placed in a nice 3-ring portfolio with a cover letter (like previous years), you may request this for a small fee to cover the cost of printing. Other electronic options may be available upon request.
  • e-File: Yes, April is an authorized e-File provider with the IRS. e-File is included with every tax preparation.
  • What to bring: Need to know what to bring? No problem!  Download April’s Tax Documents List of items you need to bring with you.
  • First Visit: If you are a new client, download a Taxpayer Questionnaire and fill it out ahead of time.
  • Engagement Terms: All clients should review and sign a copy of my Terms of Engagement Letter document.
  • Self-Employed: You can also download a Self-Employed Questionnaire if you run your own business so you know what extra information needs to be provided. If you do business with Tastefully Simple, download a tailored questionnaire here.

If you’re a first-time client, print a Coupon to bring with you for a tax preparation discount!

Find out how to get paid for referring your friends, family, and co-workers to April for tax preparation!