Base Price

  • Federal and State Preparation $125
  • First two states included
  • e-File included
  • Audit & ID Theft Protection Included
  • Form 1040-SR for seniors ($75)

Other Optional Pricing

  • Additional states $20 each
  • Itemizing $30
  • Employee business expenses $15 (as of 2018, this is only for reservists, performing artists, and fee-basis government officials)
  • Non-cash donations exceeding $250 (valued by me and each form filled) $15
  • 1099-B (Capital Gains/Losses) starting at $45 and goes up depending on the number of trades as each one has to be entered (to keep the price down, have all of your purchase information too). You can also keep the price down by downloading my Schedule D Import Worksheet which is an Excel worksheet for entering stock transactions that can be imported directly into my Drake tax preparation software.
  • Multiple INT and DIV forms up to $10
  • Income from rental property $40
  • Income from farming $60
  • Sale of business property $15
  • Moving expenses $15 (as of 2018, this is for members of the Armed Forces only)
  • Child and Dependent Care Expenses $15
  • Qualified adoption expenses $20
  • Income from sole-proprietorship starting at $75 (be sure to fill
    out my Schedule C Spreadsheet)
  • Depreciation detail $30
  • Expenses for a home office $10
  • Application for ITIN number $30
  • Audit & ID Theft Protection: INCLUDED (see my Products page)
  • Amendments $65 (see April’s Guarantee page)
  • Premium Fee $65 (typically charged for late preparations, rush requests, and extensions)
  • While I try to make this list comprehensive, please understand that I can’t think of everything so basically, if a certain form takes a lot of extra time on my part, there may be a small fee.

Online Filing (Go now! External Link)

There is a flat fee structure for all returns:

  • Preparation price is $25 for all returns.
  • The price includes state return preparation (no separate charge per state).
  • Extensions are free!

These are basic charges and may change from year to year. There may be other adjustments for more complicated returns, but I also reserve the right not to charge extra when very little time is spent in preparation due to the client preparedness. Having the New Taxpayer Questionnaire (downloadable PDF) filled out for your first visit will definitely speed things along.