What is e-File?

Authorized IRS e-file Provider
E-filing stands for electronic filing and is a method by which your tax return is transmitted directly to the IRS electronically. It is fast, secure, and accurate plus, it helps you get your refund faster.

e-File is automatically included for every tax return prepared by April. There are some minor exceptions when a return doesn’t qualify, but you will not be charged extra in those cases.

What is e-File authorization?

A tax preparer that is authorized to e-File tax returns has been through an application process with the IRS and had a FBI background check. April has been an authorized e-File provider for many years now.

April’s e-File procedure

After presenting you copies of your completed return, April will wait 24 to 48 hours to give you time to review the forms for accuracy before submitting them (assuming all e-file authorization forms have been signed and returned). April will also be performing additional review. Once accuracy is confirmed, your return will be submitted.

Making Payments

The IRS has several options for making tax payments with electronic filing. These options include electronic funds withdrawal, credit card, and EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System). You can read more on the IRS website External Link. Also my software provider now offers competitive e-payment options and you can visit their site at www.payusatax.com External Link