First of all, I guarantee the lowest tax preparation fees. Bring me competing pricing and I will match or beat it.

While I am not a CPA, I do offer the following guarantees with regards to my work:

  • If an error is found with your return that is my fault, I will file the amendment free of charge and pay up to $1,000 in interest and penalties that may be incurred as a result. I will NOT pay additional taxes owed as taxes are your responsibility either way.
  • If an amendment is needed from no fault of mine, I will prepare it for a minimal fee of $30, unless a complete re-do is required, then my fee is $55.  (If you need an amendment on a return prepared by someone else, the $55 fee applies.)
  • April uses Drake Software for all tax preparation and e-filing requirements. Drake is an award-winning company that has been in business since the 1970’s and is on the cutting edge of IRS technology and testing. You can read more about the company and products at External Link. This partnership offers clients more peace-of-mind regarding accuracy of preparation.
  • Protection Plus Audit AssistanceI also include Audit Protection and ID Theft Restoration through Protection Plus with every individual tax return.  See my Products page for more information.