As everyone knows, I don’t raise my prices every year like other firms. In fact, I’ve only raised them 2-3 times with about 10 years between each. However, the cost of software/hardware/services to keep client data secure has greatly increased. The price is affecting my company as of February. As a result, I must raise my pricing to compensate. I will make my new pricing effective as of February 10th.

I would like to point out the the current national average for a standard 1040 is $220 and itemizing is $103. So my pricing will still remain a fraction of the national average while I maintain above-average services. I will be updating the prices on my page but until then, here are the increases that are coming on 2/10/2023:

Base price from $100 to $125

Senior return from $65 to $75

Each state over the first two from $15 to $20

Itemizing from $25 to $30

Non-cash donations (that I value and prepare) from $5 to $15

Stock Transactions starting at $45 instead of $35

Rental property from $20 to $40

Farming income from $40 to $60

Sale of business property from $7 to $15

Child and dependent care expenses from $7 to $15

Adoption expenses from $10 to $20

Schedule C from $35-150 to $45-160

Depreciation details from $20 to $30

Home office from $5 to $10

ITIN application from $20 to $30

Amendments from $55 to $65

My premium fee from $55 to $65

C-corporations from $250 to $300

S-corporations and Partnerships from $3500 to $350

HOA’s from $150 to $200

Non-Profits from $160 to $215