Please understand that as the world continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, I am not currently taking in-person appointments for your safety and the safety of my family. If you NEED your taxes prepared while you wait, please email me to arrange for a non-contact appointment at a specified time.

A non-contact appointment will consist of you coming at a pre-arranged date and time, dropping your documents in my drop box, and waiting in your car. We can speak over the phone while I prepare your tax returns. Once completed, I will use the “outgoing” feature on my drop box to provide you with your documents.

You will have the option of signing and dropping the forms I require to be signed back in the box or signing electronically from a phone or other mobile device. Same for payment: you can include a check or cash in the box or pay online or via phone.

Thank you for your understanding. As always, the safest and best way to have your taxes prepared is using my secure File Uploads!