Beginning on January 1, 2020 my prices will increase for the first time in 9 years.  The pricing page has already been updated to reflect these pricing changes so you can plan accordingly.  More than one in three preparers raise prices every year and 32% every two years.  So since this is the first increase in nine years for me I hope you understand that it’s a long-time coming.  In addition, every individual tax return will now include audit protection and ID theft restoration automatically to increase the value of my services.    

For your convenience, you may note that for 2020, the average Federal tax return (no itemizing and with only one state) will be $216.31 in the rest of the industry, which is more than double my price increase.  In addition, previous averages were: $115 in 2007, $176 in 2016, and $188 in 2018.  Also, you may notice that my hourly fee has increased for those who use other services.  But the industry average was $150 in 2016 and $158 in 2017 so I’m still less than half of the industry.